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Here's an unedited iphone pic of me shooting a rainbow out of my cock:

Here's a pic of me cradling a charred zombie corpse:

here's a pic of me from the Jerusalem Post in 1986:

sigh, I was such a cute kid. What went wrong?

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Hello! My name is

Clear sinuses full heart can’t lose

"Art is not made to decorate rooms. Art is a weapon."

Pablo Picasso

Never gonna gif u up

There are many kinds of love. But none deeper than the love I have shared with fellow creators when collaborating.

Literally all of tumblr

Literally all of tumblr

Girls be like “I’m too short to be a fashion model” I’m like girl half the supermodels I know are borderline little rascals who’d have to get on each others shoulders to kiss me without me bending down.

I’m just going to be ok with seeing her brain 4 times a year.
That’s more than most people will get.
It’s pretty good.

The only times I’ve really let people down is by compromising.

Speak not falsely; we are not at odds. 

We are not humans, but gods.